How To Play Online Slots

How To Play Online Slots – The Basic Rules of Video Slots

In this video we teach you the basic rules of playing online slots. Slots can look very intimidating for a first time player. Spinning the reels is one thing, but from there knowing what you’re doing when it comes to slots is pretty tricky. You’ve got to know the symbols, how much their worth, what paylines are; and that’s even before you get to how your bet even works.

What really makes slots a big turn off for a lot of people is the investment. Not just time, but also money is the issue. Slots cost money to play and unless you’re trying out some free spins, it can be very daunting to know it’ll cost you to learn how to play online slots.

With this series of videos, we aim to make you a competent slots player before you even make your first spin.

We’ll have a whole series of videos that’ll go into detail of every aspect of slots. For now we’re teaching you the basic rules of slots. We’ll teach you how to spin using the spin button. Then we go into how to use the paytable at your slot in order to find out the value of the symbols you’re spinning. Your win isn’t simply making a line of symbols, but each symbol has a different value that translates into a cash win. With this guide, we’ll teach you about the paytable and how you can use it to learn how much you’ll win with every symbol.

A big point of confusion for many is how the paylines work. No longer do we live in the age of slot machines. Now we play video slots. In the old days slots were mechanical and only had one way to see if you’d won or not. That was if you had a row of 3 symbols across the middle of the reels. With video slots, the slots can computer up to hundreds of lines to read across to see if you’ve made a combination of symbols. In later videos we’ll teach you how these paylines work, but for now, we want to get you to grips with the idea of how the slot is reading your win.

We also go into some detail about how slots are spinning. Many people incorrectly think slot reels have a set number of symbols on them and so try and predict if they’ll win based on previous spins. New video slots work with RNG or random number generators. Symbols are selected randomly, with the spinning simply being an animation as this loads. Understanding this will save you a lot of confusion trying to work out why your predictions aren’t coming to fruition.

We’ve got a whole series of beginner’s guides to playing slots and we’ll go into loads more detail about betting and symbol types. For now, please enjoy this tutorial into the world of online slots, specifically made for you novice slot players trying to get into the game.

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